Tuesday, May 6, 2014

One Sick Puppy

Recently I received 2 great recommendations for dentists to replace the tooth that is missing in the front of my mouth.  (Thanks again for the contributions)   I was able to get an appointment with one dentist in Tijuana that is super cheap but not until June.  The other recommendation was for a clinic in San Ysidro that will work with you on price via sliding pay scale, payments, etc,  So I decided to check them out as well to see what price they would come up with.  Well I went to San Ysidro today and the facility is beautiful, everyone was so nice and welcoming and helpful..I didnt have an appointment but they saw me anyway and I was in and out in less time than Hillcrest Dental Center made me wait past my appointment time.

Since the San Ysidro Dental Clinic is very thorough they found one of my other toofuses is in desperate need of work... like $,3,000 worth of work to bring it back to a "normal" appearance OR they can completely extract it, and that's covered my by insurance.  So you can imagine how bummed I was..and I still am.  I asked for a hand mirror, looked at my smile and saw that the tooth that needs to be removed might be far enough towards the back that it might not ever be noticed... MIGHT NOT.  I have very long tooth roots or something like that so I'll need to go to an oral surgeon.  The tooth is beginning to become infected so I was prescribed some penicillin and Ibuprofen for the pain.

So far this year has been full of medical surprises and surgery. I was able to get through March without any personal medical issues and what a great high I have been on.  So I'll have to have this tooth removed ASAP, and then in June or July I will have another rectal surgery.  Even though San Ysidro isnt right around the corner, I will continue to go to that clinic because I feel so much more comfortable, informed, and cared for than I do at Hillcrest Dental Center on 30th in North Park,

This week hasn't been the greatest emotionally, but I'll get through it.  This is nowhere near the lowest of the lows I have had, but Im still learning how to deal with the hits from out of the blue when everything seems to be going so well.  I can tell this is going to be a week that I eat through my feelings.  OK time for my second cupcake.

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