Sunday, June 19, 2011

Like a father to me

I have honored my father here and on Facebook each year on his Birthday and the anniversary of his death. My father died when I was 16 years old so I didn't get to have that adult relationship with him, getting advice, sharing laughs, and confiding in each other.

I found this person in the very unlikely Nicole Ramirez Murray, that's how he was known when we met in 1992. Nicole is someone you either love or have a very strong dislike for, I find that most people that say they don't like Nicole have never met Nicole. Im not here to nor have I ever been one to fight his battles, Nicole has always been a good friend to me, and that is something nobody can take away with a catty comment or argue with me about.

We have traveled all over the country together, staying in everything from nice hotels to college dorms for organizations we both were working on. We have laughed, argued, cried, learned from each other, and "not talked to each other" because we were mad. All the normal things friends, or a father and son would do.

The first time I told Nicole that he was really like a father to me was a few years ago, we were at brunch, I gave him a card and he got teary eyed, and said "ok good you can treat your father to brunch" Just the way I like it, a little emotional but with lots of humor.

The best times are when we are just out shopping or eating and he finds something silly to take a picture of.. we laugh a lot.. We both know JUST what to say to make the other one crack up

Happy Fathers Day Nicole...

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