Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sanity is a point of view

This was written by the 14 year old son (a freshman in high school) of a Facebook friend of mine, she and I have only meet once, and she honked at me once as I was walking down University Ave. But stuff like this is one of the reasons I love making new friends on Facebook, you never know how someone will touch your heart or make you smile. I havent changed any of his words, just the spelling of a few words.

Sanity is a point of view, just the same is with reason, reality, and the five human senses. these are what really separates the sane and the insane. its just that the people who ...are in the popular majority are defined not crazy. the people who have a slightly different perspective are called losers, weird, gay, and are usually outcast or hidden to what they want to be. once in a long while one of these people are brave enough to become a revolutionary and make the next big discovery or revelation. even create a new religion. so a repressed soul or crazy person may be hard to interpret but full of valuable information. like a instruction manual in a different language of their own. some people are wrongly considered crazy, as some knot known, some controversially known. the idea of sanity & insanity is one of the many things that create most problems across the world. but like our bio-structure, without it we would not be human.

that is what became in the changes of evolution.
we gained the ability to judge others perspective.
animals do not do this. either they get along or
die. we evolved to humans to drag out this process
so we could keep the human population high to
become the dominant species on the planet.

in retrospect, evolution is a combat tactic
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